Vintage 1965 Zero Sette Atlas Electric Guitar (Red Sunburst)

1965_Zero_Sette_Atlas_electric_guitar_Italy_Crucianelli_company_Electric_Guitar_Rare_Vintage_94032VINTAGE - This is a cool rare 1965 Zero Sette Atlas electric guitar built in Italy by the Crucianelli company who was founded by Sante Crucianelli in 1888 in Castelfidardo near Recanati, a factory where most the Italian guitars were built in the 60’s. Prior to the guitar boom it was the home of accordion making.

Crucianelli would OEM guitars for a lot of different companies. This Zero Settte was branded with the Atlas name and imported to the US for the American market. A very rare and cool old Italian solid body guitar which has two single coil pickups with volume and tone knobs for each, an on off switch, adjustable bridge, tremolo system, a cool sunburst finish and is in fantastic condition. This ultra cool guitar sounds and plays great!


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Price: $895.00


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