Vintage 1968 Danelectro Coral Sitar Model Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar

Vintage_1968_Coral_Sitar_Model_Semi_Hollow_Body_Electric_Guitar_made_by_Danelectro_2VINTAGE (Mint Condition) - This guitar was a direct result of The Beatles use of a sitar on Norwegian Wood. In 1967 Danelectro presented both John Lennon and George Harrison the first ones built. This ultra cool guitar has a crystaline paint finish, masonite and pine body, and a poplar neck with rosewood Vinnie_Bell_Sitar_Adfingerboard. One of the coolest and most interesting oddball instruments of the 1960's, the Coral Electric Sitar has proved to be a practical and timless design.

The most elaborate of the many designs east coast session guitarist Vinnie Bell created for Nathan Daniel, the electric Sitar has a totally distinctive sound used on many famous recordings. Wanting to use the sitar sound on sessions but not grapple with the complex instrument itself, Bell created by the graduated "Sitarmatic" bridge that re-creates the Indian instrument's traditional tonality with the familiar playability of an electric guitar. Besides the six standard 'play' strings the Coral sitar offers an array of 'drone' strings along the upper bout, which are designed to vibrate sympathetically with the notes being sounded.

This guitar is in mint condition, it includes the original Masonite case, sympathetic string tuning wrench and original string pack!

  • Overall length - 39 3/8 inches
  • Width at lower bout - 13 3/4 inches
  • Depth, measured at side of rim - 1 1/2 inches
  • Scale length - 25 inches
  • Width of nut - 1 3/4 inches



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Price: $2,895.00


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