About Fab Gear

13417410_1096351307096247_2905168466135305808_nAndy Babiuk's Fab Gear is a boutique guitar shop located in Rochester, NY.  The shop specializes in guitars, amps and associated musical equipment.  Fab Gear sells new and vintage equipment from the top manufacturers in the industry, from iconic brands like Fender, Gretsch, Martin, Rickenbacker, Gibson, Epiphone, Vox, Marshall, and Ampeg... to name a few.
Fab Gear is owned and operated by musician, producer and author Andy Babiuk.  With over twenty-five years in the music industry, Andy is able to use his expertise to assist his clients in finding the perfect gear to meet their specific needs.  And these clients range from a list of Who's Who in the music industry to the kid down the street who just got their first guitar.
Andy is a world renown expert in the music industry, authoring the acclaimed books Beatles Gear and The Story of Paul Bigsby and his new book  Rolling Stones Gear. Andy's expertise is often called upon by the major auction houses and museums from around the world.  And he's also a working musician with countless credits as a performer and producer, most notably with his band the Chesterfield Kings and his new band The Empty Hearts featuring Elliot Easton from The Cars on Lead guitar, Clem Burke from Blondie on drums and Wally Palmer from The Romantics on guitar and lead vocal. Let Andy use his years of experience to help you find your next instrument.
Our Mission Statement 
“We offer premium brand name instruments with incredible customer service from one of the most knowledgeable staffs in the industry. To this, we pledge our value added expertise along with great pricing – It’s all Fab Gear!”