Groove Tube

Groove Tubes at Fab Gear

The Definitive Tube Sound!

Ahhhh! The glow of a tube. There is nothing like playing a guitar through a good tube amp. ButGroove Tubes Glowing at Fab Gear what's even better is when that amp has a great set of tubes!! Groove Tube® offers some of the best quality matched power tubes and preamp tubes on the market. Their years of working with tubes have made them number one. Groove Tubes® started back in the late 1970's when Aspen Pittman, founder and visionary, hired some technical folks to explore why tubes performed and sounded the way they did. Driven by passion and curiosity, Aspen and his team of engineers discovered entirely new ways to measure tube operating characteristics, along with new ways of interpreting these test data results. This research and passion became the foundation for the Groove Tubes® performance testing and matching process they still use today. At Fab Gear we recommend you buy a good set of Groove Tubes for your fave guitar amp and hear the real tone of your amp. You'll be glad you did!