At Fab Gear we stock the complete line of Pyramid Strings. These legendary German made strings are made of the finest materials, by hand, with the greatest precision for perfect, reliable and true tone.Try the Pyramid Gold flat wound strings on your favorite guitar and hear it come alive with the sound heard on your fave classic records. If you’re not hip to Pyramid just try them and you’ll find out why so many players use Pyramid Strings!

7 String Sets, Pure Nickel Flat Wire Wound Strings with Silver-Plated Plain Strings, both plain and wound G 3rd included --- Sets available in the following gauges --- .010-.0465 , .011-.048 , and .013-.052 Excellent for all types of music , brilliant with the warmth of pure nickel , flat wounds with "twang", lush upper harmonics , long sustain , extreme long life , great smooth feel , perfectly balanced , extra musical , a joy to play. 
The Ultimate 12String Set. Pure Nickel Flat Wire Wound Strings with Silver-Plated Plain Strings . Gauges are .010/.010 , .013/.013 , .010/.020w , .013/.030 , .020w/.035 . .030/.0465 
Developed in 1956 in association with Walter Hofner for the first Hofner 500/1 electric bass guitar. Chrome - steel Pure Nickel Flat Wire Wound . Available in Short Scale and Long Scale. Low B 5th String Available. Legendary Bass String Set with Extreme Long Life .