TV Jones

tvjoneslogo-200x115Fab Gear is proud to represent and stock the fine TV Jones pickups. I’ve known Tom  for some years now and it’s always great to talk shop with him. Tom’s attention to detail is why his pickups are just the best! Call us at Fab Gear for more info on TV Jones pickups and mods.


TV Jones Pickups

Below is an excerpt about TV Jones from their site… 

For over two decades, Thomas V. Jones, founder of TV Jones, Inc., has earned the respect and high praise of countless world-class guitar players. Tom’s first encounter with the guitar was at the age of 14 when he purchased his first guitar. His interest led him on a passionate journey toward becoming a self taught musician, luthier, and eventually, pickup maker. Tom’s success as a pickup maker stems from his incredible ear for tone.Tom’s interest in the Filter’Tron™ pickup arose from his association with guitarist Brian Setzer, whose guitars Tom has worked on since 1993. His first close encounter with a Filter’Tron pickup was on Brian’s 1959 Gretsch 6120. In 1998, custom pickups were needed for the newly designed Gretsch Hot Rod guitar line. Brian chose Tom’s Hot Rod pickup design in a blind test of many different pickups. Several months later, Tom became an independent consultant for the Gretsch Guitar Company. In addition to pickup and guitar design, he worked directly with many Gretsch artists to accurately translate their musical needs to the factory. Tom was also an integral part of the field Guitar Service Program. While working with Gretsch, Tom continued to make and design guitars and his interest in guitar pickups grew. He realized that slight changes to a pickup could vastly affect the feel and tone of a guitar. This sent him on a quest to design and manufacture the ultimate guitar pickup. He became obsessed with finding the perfect tone and creating the best personality possible for each guitar he designed.Tom’s expertise and passion for guitar pickups soon earned him the trust and admiration of many leading guitar players. His dedication and ingenuity has attracted the highest caliber of players seeking to perfect their own special tone and style.In 2001, Tom and his family relocated to the beautiful Pacific Northwest to build a larger shop and concentrate full time on pickup manufacturing. Today, TV Jones is situated on over 2 acres of land just outside the charming Norwegian town of Poulsbo, Washington and employs a full staff.TV Jones is a recognized leader in the development and manufacture of innovative, high quality guitar pickups. It is the continued desire of TV Jones to provide each customer with the finest guitar pickups available. In addition to selling directly to individuals across the globe, TV Jones supplies pickups to large and small retail stores, guitar repair shops, and guitar manufacturers on every continent.