Gibson Flying V Short Scale Bass (Wine Red)

Gibson_Flying_V_Bass_Wine_Red_Andy_Babiuks_Fab_GearLIKE NEW - Gibson Flying V Bass Limited USA run, very few made! Ever since its introduction in 1958 as part of Gibson's Modernist Series, the Flying V guitar has been an icon of heavy rock tones and alternative looks. Not satisfied with letting the six-stringers have all the fun, Gibson USA has configured this rocket-age styling into a mean and meaty package for the bassist in search of a scorching low-end alternative: the Flying V Bass. With its 30-1/2" scale length, which is still somewhat longer than the conventional guitar, this bass is perfect for players with shorter arms and smaller hands, beginners and students, or those who are more familiar with six-string guitar scale lengths. But it's also a fully professional instrument for the highest-flying touring or studio musician. Two of the world's most famous bassists, Paul McCartney and Jack Bruce, played short-scale basses at the most influential points of their careers, and countless others have used them to make legendary rock, pop and blues recordings. The Flying V Bass brings weighty tones and easy playability to a package styled for the most radical rock that the 21st century has to offer, and suitable for every variety of music.

Like several classic Gibson tone machines, the Flying V Bass has a body crafted from solid Grade-A mahogany in the classic Flying V shape, dressed in a high-gloss Cherry nitrocellulose finish, offset by a white, four-ply Flying V pickguard. It has a glued-in neck made from superior quarter-sawn Grade-A mahogany for improved strength and superior resonance, and a 22-fret fingerboard made from baked maple. The neck is carved to a comfortable slim profile and measures .850" deep at the 1st fret and .900" at the 12th, with a width of 1.60" across its PLEK-cut Corian nut.

All this tonal goodness is cranked through a pair of contemporary Thunderbird Bass pickups with ceramic magnets to take you from gut-rumbling lows to searing highs with enhanced punch and clarity. Individual volume controls and a master tone control allow you to blend pickups as desired for a wide range of tones. Strings are anchored at the body end by a rock-solid, three-point bridge with individually adjustable saddles, and high-quality Grover "shamrock" key tuners grace the traditional Flying V "flying arrow" headstock, all plated in chrome to enhance the elegance of this sleek bass. Pack it all together, and it's a stunning alternative that a lot of bassists will appreciate.

Includes a Gibson hardshell case.

Includes free shipping and expert setup!





  • Wood: Mahogany
  • Adhesive: Franklin Titebond 50



  • Species: Mahogany
  • Profile: Slim
  • Truss Rod: Traditional Adjustable
  • Adhesive: Franklin Titebond 50
  • Neck: Fit
  • Joint: Mortise & Tenon
  • Adhesive: Franklin Titebond 50
  • Joint Angle Tolerance: +/- .005″



  • Species: Baked Maple
  • Frets: 20
  • Radius: 12″
  • Scale Length: 30 1/5″
  • Nut/E.O.B: 1.60″/2.32″
  • Inlays: Acrylic Dot
  • Material: Corian
  • Width: 1.600
  • Slots: Gibson PLEK System



  • Type: “Flying Arrow” 4-String
  • Truss Rod Cover: White 4-ply with Hot-Stamped Gold “Gibson”



  • Model: Grover™ Shamrock
  • Plating: Chrome
  • Tuning Ratio: 20:1



  • Type: 3-Point with Adjustable Saddles
  • Plating: Chrome



  • Knobs: Black Top Hats with Silver Inserts
  • Pickguard: White 4-Ply
  • Strap Buttons: Aluminum
  • Strings: .105 – .045, Genuine Gibson Strings



  • Neck Position: Thunderbird Bass (Ceramic)
  • Bridge Position: Thunderbird Bass (Ceramic)



  • Potentiometers: 2 Volume Controls, 1 Tone Control
  • Type: 300k Linear Volume, 500k Non-linear Tone
  • Coil Wiring: Machine Wound
  • Output Jack: Traditional 1/4″ Mono



  • Sealer: Nitrocellulose
  • Process: 1-1.5 mils



  • Type: Gibson Hardshell
  • Case Exterior: Black
  • Case Interior: Plush Lining



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