Fab Gear is a Fender Factory Authorized Service CenterFender Service

for guitars and amplifiers


Professional instrument setups tailored to your play style!

Fab Gear offers professional instrument setup, restrings, and repair. Does your guitar, have high action and is hard to play? Are the strings as old as the guitar? Does your guitar never stay in tune? If your guitar isn't playing "just right", it may be time for service. At Fab Gear we can help you get your instrument back to top form.

A setup on a guitar or bass is required on a regular basis. An instrument that is neglected can become dry and brittle, the neck can excessively bow and the wood can crack. A proper setup keeps the instrument in top playing condition. Our standard setup and restringing includes truss rod and intonation adjustment, fretboard conditioning, fret polishing, tightening loose hardware, spraying and cleaning of electronics, string height (action) adjustment, pickup height adjustment and a cleaning and polishing of your instrument. When Fab Gear is done with your guitar it will feel and play like a dream!

Amp Repair

Our amp guru Mike Boyack is a true amp wizard and has years of experience building and fixing amps. He has worked on all of them - new and vintage Marshall, Fender, Vox and everything else out there. His real expertise is in his own amps that he builds. Because Mike is a great guitar player as well, he understands tone and what it is that guitar players are looking for in an amp. That's why his own amp designs and circuits sound so musical and are sought after by guitarists. When Mike works on your amp he doesn't just fix it, he fine tunes it so that it will sound the best!

Whether you need a guitar set up, need a repair, looking for a replacement part for your vintage instrument, want to customize your guitar or bass or have your amp repaired Andy Babiuk’s Fab Gear has what you are looking for. Call us or stop by!


  • Acoustic Guitar $59 + string

  • Acoustic 12-String Guitar $69 + strings

  • Bass $59 + strings

  • Electric Guitar $59 + strings

  • Electric 12-String Guitar $69 + strings

  • Electric Guitar w/ Floyd $69 + strings

  • Amp repair $60 per hour

  • Custom guitar work by quote.

(photos of Bob Dylan's actual Fender Strat being worked on at Fab Gear. This is the infamous guitar he played at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965 when he went electric  - the guitar is valued at over a million dollars!!! Read more and watch the episode of  'The History Detectives' about Dylan's guitar at Fab Gear)