Hofner Classic Series HZ27 Classical Guitar (Natural)

Hofner_HZ_Classic_series_HZ27_5NEW - Handmade in Germany, the Hofner HZ27 classical guitar features a beautifully figured rosewood body and a solid cedar top with a high gloss polished finish. The tasteful body binding is in beech. High quality gold plated machine heads are fitted to add to the superb appearance of this instrument. The selected cedar top provides powerful sound projection.

Hofner's Classic series of classical guitars are all handmade in Germany in their workshops in Hagenau, Bavaria. Hofner has been producing classical guitars since 1930 and much of their production has been used by students as well as professional classic musicians from all over the world. Therefore Hofner has a wealth of experience in the production and design of amazing quality handmade guitars that don't cost a fortune. The Classic series uses quality woods for bodies and tops. The tops are either solid spruce or solid cedar for those who prefer a brighter tone. Every guitar is inspected, tested, tuned and set-up by Hofner's finest luthiers before it is packed ready for shipment. Why buy anything else when you can have a genuine handmade German built guitar at a great low price?


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Price: $799.99





  • Instrument: Classical Guitar         
  • Model: HZ 27
  • Category: Term   Description



  • Shape: Classical guitar
  • Wood Top: Solid cedar AA
  • Soundhole: 85mm diameter
  • Bracing: Advanced Hofner
  • Wood Back: Rosewood
  • Wood Sides: Rosewood
  • Binding Top: Walnut
  • Binding Back: Walnut



  • Wood: Mahogany
  • Reinforcement: Rosewood
  • Headstock Shape: Hofner
  • Decoration of headstock: Standard Hofner
  • Faceplate: Santos /maple
  • Heel Cap: Santos



  • Wood: Rosewood
  • Scale: 650mm
  •  Nut Width: 50mm
  • Width At 12th fret: 61mm
  • Side Dots: fret 5/7/ 9
  •  Number Of Frets: 19



  • Material: Rosewood / 2 stripes
  • Bridge saddle: Bone




  • Tuners: 3 in line, gold, ebonized buttons




  • Strings: Höfner Premium strings
  • Setup: Action E6 at 12th fret 4mm
  • Action e1 at 12thfret 3mm


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