Katanasound Blue Stripe Compressor

Fab Gear Is The Official U.S. Distributor Of Katanasound Effects Pedals.

A Word From Katanasound Founder Mitch......."Based upon the renowned Urei 1176 standard in recording studios, I created this as a studio-quality Compressor/Limiter that is compact. As with the 1176, we use FET as the gain reduction element, which produces an especially quick response. From input to output there is no use whatsoever of IC, and the discrete circuit gives a clear compression with no quirks.

Full use of the 4 controls reproduces the nuances of compressors made for standard instruments. Furthermore, the trimmer potentiometer on the housing side allows for a mild tone such as a pedal compressor to come out in amazing Hi-Fi sound."

At Fab Gear we stock the full line of hand made Katanasound effects pedals because they just kick ass!!! Mitch makes some of the finest sounding, most durable pedals available. If you want a cool sounding old pedal but your worried if it's going to crap out live on stage and make you look stupid, then you need a Katanasound pedal. It's the sound you love from an old pedal but built like a tank!! For years in my band The Chesterfield Kings we have always tried to use old effect pedals live but they  would always crap out and get wrecked. Now we've been trashing Katanasound pedals live on stage and they just keep working and sounding great!! They never fail!!


Price: $349.99

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