Katanasound Furious Man Multifaceted Fuzz

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NEW - Introducing the new FURIOUS MAN MULTIFACETED FUZZ from Katansound Effects pedals, a new type of fuzz pedal that can bring crazy intense sounds accompanied by oscillation, to solid thick distortions, to crisp crunches like a small tube amp. Good for players seeking a wide range and good response fuzz pedal, to players integrating multiple effects and switchers, or players building up their own sounds systems. Control the “Fuzz” (amount of distortion) and the “Bias” (balance between input sensitivity and bass) to dial in your ideal drive and then shape it’s expression with the “Duty” control.

The crazy FURIOUS MAN has it’s roots in the characteristic analog fuzz sounds of the 1960s. Although it was developed to reproduce and expand on these sounds over a wide range, for stability of performance regardless of temperature fluctuations caused by weather or lighting temperature, silicon transistors instead of germanium transistors.

Price: $349.99



BIAS Control

You can adjust the balance between the input sensitivity and bass. Used in combination with the volume control of the instrument itself it’s possible to create more versatile and practical sounds. By using the Bias control, you can adjust the points and tone characters at which the sound begins to distort when you open the volume of the guitar while matching the output of your guitar or bass. In the case of a guitar with a thick tone characteristic, you can shape the bass by rolling back the bias control from the fully open state, thus sharpening the fuzz sound without narrowing down the volume on the guitar side, scraping the bass without dropping the volume to create a “bell tone" that highlights the upper range.


This is a changeover switch for the input impedance. There is no longer a need to figure out which equipment can or can’t in front of your fuzz. By turning it ON, it minimizes the loss of high-frequency and the deterioration of volume which occurs when connecting a buffered output effector or active circuit guitar in front of a conventional vintage style fuzz. It is a revolutionary function which allows you to get the original raw fuzz sound.

DUTY Control

Adjust the sound interval and density. With the Duty knob you can create a variety of sounds such as hard overdrive type fuzz with grain uniformity, to a rough scorching dirty drive, from a rich fuzzy sound full of rich sustain, down to a dying-battery 8-bit broken attack with oscillation. We created the Duty function to allow you to really adjust the fuzz sounds for uniqueness. Set up your distortion with the Fuzz and Bias Controls, and then find your “expression of sound” with the Duty control. It’s up to you!

Katanasound Furious Man

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