Inspired by the sound of Tychobrahe's "Octavia," the original circuitry I developed for Venomous Snake provides an extremely bright and metallic sound. The violent and unique sound still gives just the right amount of compression and a natural release level, making Venomous Snake one of my proudest creations.
The Mix dial controls the Octave ratio, and turning to 3 o'clock gives the Octavia-like sound. Turning the mix to the left lowers the Octave ratio, giving a bold fuzz sound.

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At Fab Gear we stock the full line of hand made Katanasound effects pedals because they just kick ass!!! Mitch makes some of the finest sounding, most durable pedals available. If you want a cool sounding old pedal but your worried if it's going to crap out live on stage and make you look stupid, then you need a Katanasound pedal. It's the sound you love from an old pedal but built like a tank!! For years in The Chesterfield Kings we have always tried to use old effect pedals live but they  would always crap out and get wrecked. Now we've been trashing Katanasound pedals live on stage and they just keep working and sounding great!! They never fail!!

A note about Katanasound from its founder...

In the 1990s, many Japanese looking for top sounding products purchased expensive, vintage pedals imported from the West. While sounding amazing, the circuitry was often overcomplicated, with soldering of poor quality. As a result, few could tolerate the rigors of intense use. Many in the industry asked me to repair these vintage pedals, providing a chance to study their strengths - as well as their weaknesses.

I combine the excellent sound of the Western products with the diligence and detail of Japan into durable, top-quality pedals that best serve today's serious guitarists. My pedals show their uniqueness from the first test riff, and I back up the rich sound with high-quality craftsmanship and parts. I try to add a jolt of individuality and a soul that strikes to the heart. Many people are surprised by the low noise level, but there is no secret to this. Simple circuitry with proper board design, quality craftsmanship and no extra wiring minimizes noise while providing the best response and rich overtones.

These products are by no means cheap. Unlike others who use cheap parts and/or labor to save on costs, I am committed to personally producing the best hand-made quality, and I use the parts necessary for this. These pedals are designed for serious musicians, and are well regarded in the Japanese industry by pro musicians as well as those who think of the guitar as more than a "hobby."

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