Magnatone Twilighter 112 Combo Amp

Magnatone_Twilighter_112_Amp_Fab_GearNEW - The Twilighter 112 combo amp has the classic American clean sound powered by a GZ34 and a pair of 6V6’s for a conservatively rated 22 watts. Extensive RD development with the original varistor vibrato for the classic Magnatone pitch shifting vibrato effect. This amp is a must have for any collector or musician! The best sounding single-12 speaker amp on the market. You've just got tho hear this amp and its stereo pitch-shifting vibrato and your life will change!

- Magnatone pitch-shifting vibrato for True Dimensional Sound.
- Never before has this effect been recreated in its original form.
- Classic American sound has been updated and brought into the 21st century.
- Vibrato and tremolo are both available via the FM/AM switch.


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Price: $2,699.99


  • Tube complement: (3) 12AX7, 12AU7, 12DW7, (2) 6V6, GZ34
  • Power output: 22 watts push pull class AB
  • Reverb: Tube driven 4 counterwound springs long-pan
  • Vibrato: True pitch-shifting varistor vibrato. switchable to conventional tremolo
  • Speaker: Eminence Governor 12", ceramic magnet, 60 watt
  • Optional: Celestion Blue Alnico 15 watt


A Legend Reborn

Magnatone has come through the time warp and is here to do battle. The classic amp of yesteryear has been brought in to the modern world and has never sounded better. That unrivaled Vibrato is exactly as it was in the original Magnatone but the front end and power sections have been improved vastly. After years of R&D and serious Artist input and testing the new benchmark has arrived. No other amplifier has the rich history and modern engineering that the new Magnatone can provide. Find out about Magnatone and let your ears decide!

Magnatone history

From the beginnings of the Dickerson family made instruments and amplifiers through the evolution of the Magna then Estey this is a brand without equal and proven innovation beyond the norm of the market in each historic phase. The rich lineage of the Magnatone is on par and even superior to the peers of its day in many respects. The cherished Vibrato is still without equal and back with vengence in the 21st century.


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