Marshall DSL100MLB Half Stack with Angled MC412 Cabinet

Marshall_DSL100MLB_Half_Stack_with_Angled_MC412_cabinet_Fab_gear-2zlwkyumrn00xb2vogf3m2NEW - Marshall DSL100MLB Half Stack with Angled MC412 cabinet. The Marshall DSL100MLB Half Stack with Angled MC412 cabinet breathes with powerfull amplification. Along with the strength of Marshall's angled MC412 cabinet, the DSL100MLB explodes with sound. The two 12 inch speakers at the top of the cabinet are angled to give the player an easy monitoring of their guitar. DSL Stands for Dual Super Lead, the DSL has two footswitchable channels - Classic and Ultra. Each of these channels boasts two modes: the Classic channel offers a Clean/Crunch option while the Ultra offers Lead 1 or Lead 2. Instead of merely offering a variation in gain level to the two channels, each one of these four modes has been individually voiced as an amp in its own right. The tremendous tonal versatility of this amp, coupled with a 100% pure tube signal path (4xECC83s, 4xEL34s), Dual Reverb controls, a Tone Shift switch which scoops out the mids and a Deep Switch that adds a tight, bowel loosening, low end boost, caused the guitar world to sit up and take notice right from the outset.


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