Sunn® Model T-100 Amp Head

NEW – Sunn® Model T-100 Amp Head. While the 100-watt, 6L6-powered Model T and it accompanying 412 cabinet preserve the cool, shit-kickin’ look of Sunn of yore, its intelligent, flexible design and terrifying roar are anything but retro. The Model T features two independent channels that each feature a no-nonsense complement of controls: Channel one has knobs for volume, treble, middle and bass, while channel two adds a gain knob for dialing in the desired level of crunch; both channels share a presence control. The rear panel boasts the usual array of speaker output jacks, a very welcome XLR out for direct recording and a handy “area/club” switch that shifts the amp to 25-watt low-power mode for use in more intimate-size venues. The rear panel also houses the send and return jacks for the Model T’s fottswitchable effects loop. For players who prefer to apply differing levels of signal processing to their clean and dirty tones, the amp has dedicated send and return level controls on each channel, and the loop is assignable to either or both channels, with a different dry/wet mix for each.But while good looks, half-power switches and flexible effects routing are all well and good, they won’t get you very far if your amp blows up. To that end, the designers of the Model T have built in an excellent little feature that could very well save your life (or at least your career). Two LEDs indicate that status of the amp’s two pair of Groove Tubes 6L6 power tubes. If all is well, both LEDs shine green; if any of the four tubes fail, the amplifier automatically shuts down the tube with which it is paired and continues to function at half power, a status indicated by a red LED. This feature is quite comforting on high-stress gigs—especially if you don’t have an army of techs at your disposal and a backup amp fired up and ready to go.


The Sunn® Legacy…

In early 1963, a band from Oregon called “The Kingsmen” hit the charts with a catchy little tune called Louie Louie. The Kingsmen quickly became household names and Louie Louie the rock anthem of the decade.

With a hit single under their belt, The Kingsmen soon found themselves embarking on a 50 state national tour. One of the first things bassist Norm Sundholm discovered was that his bass amp, while fine for hops and school dances, did not have the power necessary for the larger concert halls to which the band had ascended. To solve this dilemma, Norm enlisted the help of his brother Conrad and by 1964 the brothers Sundholm had designed the world’s first high powered concert bass amplifier.

1965 saw the demand for the Sundholms’ amplifiers increase to the point that the family garage would no longer serve as a suitable manufacturing facility. Thus, the SUNN Musical Equipment Company was born.

As the years passed, countless pioneers of rock would rely on SUNN amplifiers to carry the weight. The Who, Moody Blues, Cream, Steppenwolf, Kiss, Rush, Queen and a little music festival in up-state New York all endorsed SUNN equipment.

Today, your new SUNN amplifier embodies this rich tradition and combines it with a vision for the future that this American institution known for big sound was built upon.


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