The Whirlwind BYRDBOX™

Whirlwind Byrdbox_fab_gearSo you want to be a rock 'n' roll star? Give your 12 string that famous jangly sound heard on countless hits.

The ByrdBox is the first of Whirlwind's TBM series pedals, designed in collaboration with Andy Babiuk, guitar guru and author of the famed "Beatles Gear" and "The Story Of Paul Bigsby" books.

Dial in your own bass and treble settings or use the built-in "Chime Boost" preset to automatically get that classic bell like tone that cuts through the mix. Plus, both modes have adjustable sustain and volume presets so you can kick this pedal in with added boost and hear your solos jump out loud and clear.

The ByrdBox also takes your six-string into new territory. Finally, achieve that "Bakersfield Sound" with a great sustain and adjustable EQ pedal that takes ordinary tone and turns it into serious crystal clear spank.

Try the ByrdBox at your Whirlwind dealer and launch your tone Eight Miles High!

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