USA Today premieres The Empty Hearts’ new video ‘I Don’t Want Your Love’

Video premiere: Empty Hearts’ ‘I Don’t Want Your Love’

USA Today August 19, 2014 – The Empty Hearts’ I Don’t Want Your Love (If You Don’t Want Me) video would look psychedelic if director Joseph Guay hadn’t shot it in black and white.

And if I Don’t Want Your Love and its video, premiering at USA TODAY, feel like a bit of a throwback, it should also feel familiar: The group’s four members have a lot of rock history between them.

The Empty Hearts consists of members of The Romantics (singer Wally Palmer), The Cars (guitarist Elliot Easton), Blondie (drummer Clem Burke) and the Chesterfield Kings (bassist Andy Babiuk).

Like most songs on the group’s self-titled album, released in August, I Don’t Want Your Love came together in the studio and involved input from all four members.

In this particular case, Easton got the ball rolling. “He had the chorus already intact, and the chord structure,” Palmer says. “We hammered out an arrangement. When the time came, I took Elliot’s thought process for it and came up with a verse and lyrics. You have a lyric sheet in front of you, and the other guys walk past you and take a glance at it. They’ve got pencils and they cross this or that out and throw ideas at you. Before we knew it, it was finished.”

The band got its name from Little Steven Van Zandt’s secret stash of unused band names. “It’s very important” to keep such a list, says Van Zandt, who says he has about 20 names tucked away for just such occasions. “When you sit down to think of a band name, that’s when you can’t think of one.”

Van Zandt named another Empty Hearts song, 90 MIles an Hour Down a Dead End Street, the “Coolest Song in the World” one week on his Little Steven’s Underground Garage radio show. He says more than half of the album is one the playlist of his Underground Garage Channel on SiriusSM. “This kind of band is perfect for my format,” he says.

The Empty Hearts have a handful of East Coast dates scheduled in October and plan to play more after a quick tour of Japan. In addition to playing the Empty Hearts album in its entirety, the band will throw in some songs associated with their best-known bands.

“It’ll be our interpretation of each band’s songs, but they’ll come out sounding really good,” Palmer says. “I have no doubt about that.”

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