Vintage 1940’s DeArmond FHC Model Archtop Guitar Pickup

DeArmond_Model_FHC_Model_Archtop_Guitar_Pickup_8590NEW - 1940’s DeArmond FHC Model Archtop Guitar Pickup, made in Toledo, Ohio, chrome finish, with the hard-wired and clear "hatbox" knob. All original in excellent working condition and it sounds amazing!

The FH model pickups had a significantly different appearance than your average pickup. One end of the metal-cased coil assembly fitted onto a 1/8" steel rod (called the pressure rod by the manufacturer), itself mounted parallel to the guitar's strings a short span away from the sixth (or "low E") string; this allowed the player to adjust the pickup's location for preferred tonal character and for minimal interference with performance. The end of the pressure rod was clamped across the strings between the guitar's bridge and tailpiece assemblies.

As with the RH model, the FH could easily be installed and removed without modification (or damage) to the instrument. Later, an option was offered with a shorter pressure rod intended to be attached to the side of the guitar's neck with two small screws; this provided less interference with the guitarist's right hand as well as an aesthetically "cleaner" appearance.

Each pickup models was offered in a variant — the RHC and FHC respectively — that had a volume-control potentiometer. The FHC-B has a twelve-foot cable but no volume control, being intended for use with a volume pedal. The FHC-C had a volume control (potentiometer) in a small box on the cable, ten inches from the pickup.


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