Vintage 1941 Epiphone Electar Century Amplifier Series C (All Original)

1941_Epiphone_Electar_Century_amplifier_series_C_Blonde_Natural_1NEW - This amp was built by Nat Daniel (Danelectro) for Epiphone. This amp is all original and in excellent shape, with all its original electronics, original 12" speaker, and original factory power cable (not grounded). This amp had one owner who bought it along with and Epiphone guitar in the 1940’s. The amp works great and sounds amazing! Comes with the original Epiphone cover.

From The Original Epiphone Ad: The quality of the CENTURY instruments is well matched by these CENTURY amplifiers. Extremely well designed with sufficient output for any average sized orchestra or solo playing. Beam power amplification is employed and a special 12” speaker handles the full power without distortion.

Fitted in a handsome maple cabinet finished in the natural color of the wood and supplied with a waterproot mackintosh slip-over cover. The back of the amplifier is enclosed for protection and to reduce tube noises. Easy access to the controls is provided. Rubber cushioning is employed in mounting the chassis to prevent excessive jarring.
It is very convenient in size and very neatly constructed.

Equipped with three instrument or microphone inputs and may be used for microphone work in addition to instrument amplification. On-and-off switch, volume control and accessible fuse mount are standard.

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Price: $985.00


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