Vintage 1955 Gretsch G6130 Round Up Electric Guitar (Western Orange)

Gretsch_Roundup_Vintage_Electric_Guitar_Round_Up_1955_1VINTAGE - 1955 Gretsch Roundup 6130 “G” Brand Western Orange, all original and factory stock. This is a really great playing 60-year old guitar that sounds amazing! It’s also a very rare Gretsch guitar, as it has features and serial number of a 1955 Roundup but with the hump inlay neck and ‘horseshoe’ inlay on the headstock which did not appear on Roundups until late 1956 – 57. This is another rare example of some of the crazy oddity’s that would sometimes come out of the Brooklyn Gretsch factory. This cool Country and Western Gretsch Cowboy guitars comes with the original Gretsch tweed case. A rockabilly rebel of a guitar and a very cool collectable! Own a real piece of Americana!


Includes free shipping, and free expert guitar setup!

Price: $13,449.00


  • Single Cutaway with the "G" branded into top
  • Two DeArmond single coil pickups
  • "Belt Buckle" western tailpiece
  • Three knobs on lower bout, one on cutaway, 1 switch on upper bout
  • Melita bridge (gold)
  • Tortoise pickguard with engraved steerhead
  • Sides covered with western motif tooled leather
  • "Humptop" inlays replace blocks
  • Horseshoe inlayed headstock
  • 24 3/4" scale
  • Gold plated parts


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