Whirlwind WT2000 Chromatic Tuner


The Whirlwind WT2000 chromatic stage tuner is bright, accurate and simple to use. It’s built in Rochester, NY and made to withstand the rigors of the road.
  • Extremely fast response over a wide range of notes. Tunes guitar, bass, violin, mandolin, etc.
  • Ultra-bright and large display can be easily seen in bright conditions, even outdoors.
  • Accurate and simple to use, just plug in and tune. There are no buttons or switches that can accidentally put you into a non-standard mode.
  • Footswitch turns the unit on and mutes the output for silent tuning. When switched off, the circuit is completely bypassed and powered down to save battery life.
  • Powered by internal 9 V battery or from a standard 9 V pedal supply.


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